Staffordfire Jack Daniel’s aka Jimmy

(Ch. Sikaistaff Dark Lord X Staffordfire Itsy Bitsy)
Né le 14/10/2014

L2HGA et HC Clear by birth
Disponible pour saillie sous conditions (


 Ch. Sikaistaff Dark Lord 
 Ashbull O’ Dare   Cragails Dancing Brave 
 Ch. Knockon Dance with the Divil 
 Ch. Cragails Braw Wooer 
 Ch. Knockon Yes You At Ashbull   Knockon In Touch 
 Knockon Effect 
 Zakstaff Velvet Rose   Ch. Ashbull O’ Shea   Ch. Cashalee Charmer At Crossguns 
 Ch. Knockon Yes You At Ashbull 
 Ch. Farriers Velvet Maiden   Ch. Carnig Positive Profile 
 Nitram Black Angel 

 Staffordfire Itsy Bitsy 

 Jayneze Soul Survivor 

 Ch. Kilvara Coast To Coast 

 Knockon The Devil Himself at Kilvara 
 Universal Girl At Kilvara 

 Clydebuilt Queen of Soul 
 Ladarna Tay Clyde Built 

 Ch. Tiabo Angel of The North 

 Flechazo First Esperanza at Staffordfire 

 Alport Hurricane 

 Alport Tour de Force 

 Wildstaff Miss-Chief 

 Daisy des Guerriers Pacifiques 

 Ch. Leger Kings Gambit by Ramblix 

 Venus Des guerriers pacifiques 

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