2015 – Jecabino’s Ki-Adi-Mundi X Staffordfire Itsy Bitsy


Ch. Jecabino’s Ki-Adi-Mund Ch. But’s Charming Ruffians Anatol Ch. Gadkey’s Sky Walker  Valglo Peacemaker
 Gadkey’s Bewitched
Ch. But’s Charming Ruffians Roxanne Ch. Indianstaff Bacardiboy
Ch. But’s Charming Ruffians Lovely Loana
Ch. Jecanibo’s She’s like the Wind Ch. Lackyle Diabhal Dearbhchlo Ch. Carnig Positive Profile
Ch. Lackyle Ceal Na Olc
Ch. Old Cross Guns Absolutely Fabulous Ch. Indianstaff Bacardiboy
Ch. Old Cross Guns Love Over Gold
 Staffordfire Itsy Bitsy   Jayneze Soul Survivor   Ch. Kilvara Coast To Coast   Knockon The Devil Himself at Kilvara 
 Universal Girl At Kilvara 
 Clydebuilt Queen of Soul   Ladarna Tay Clyde Built 
 Ch. Tiabo Angel of The North 
 Flechazo First Esperanza at Staffordfire   Alport Hurricane   Alport Tour de Force 
 Wildstaff Miss-Chief 
 Daisy des Guerriers Pacifiques   Ch. Leger Kings Gambit by Ramblix 
 Venus Des guerriers pacifiques